My name is Lizzy Okoro. Well actually, if you want to get technical, my name is Elizabeth Sally Nena Okoro Davidson. It’s a long story.


I was the Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of BUNCH Magazine, which I started out of my surprisingly not crappy New York apartment in 2011. It was a slow and long journey that I’m incredibly proud of. Over the years, I’ve been asked about what it was like to launch a print magazine in a digital world in addition to what it’s like to be a lady entrepreneur and a woman of color entrepreneur. Inspired by the many, many coffee dates and Skype sessions I’ve had with other curious folk, I decided to create some quick e-courses to help assist all the single ladies. Wait, sorry, sometime Beyonce just pops into my head for no good reason at all. The courses are to help all the awesome, entrepreneurial peeps in the world. They're call Just Launch Already and you can access them here.


Oh yeah, I vlog too. I decided to leave BUNCH Magazine in 2016 to start a tech company called Oh Maya. I have no fucking clue what I’m doing and probably have no business being a techie, so naturally I wanted to share this experience with you. My vlog is called C.E.OMFG! and it’s a tribute to all of us who are hustling, trying to turn their dream into reality. I answer a lot of questions about who I am and what it’s like to build a business from the ground up and trust me when I say that I hold nothing back.


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