Don't brainstorm alone. Map out every inch of your strategic plan from KPIs, getting set up with vendors, right on down to your Instagram grid. Whether you're deciding between Squarespace and BigCommerce or figuring out how in the heck to use Snapchat, we'll outline your business strategy from top to bottom.

Ready to launch? Let's create the perfect plan of attack to make sure that you meet your business goals. Identify and connect with content creators, secure influencers, and execute all that you need to launch your creative business.

Sometimes you have to step back and look at your business with fresh eyes. We'll identify your biggest challenges and come up with viable solutions.


STEP 1 ☎️ 

During the discovery we will get to know each other and discuss the ins and outs of your business. No obligation, 100% free. 

STEP 2  📝

I will take all of the information we discussed and organize it into a neat brand strategy report. This isn't just a   business plan, it's  an action plan with a step by step guide on how to meet your goals.

STEP 3 💫

Once you've approved and finalized your strategy I will make sure that you feel comfortable to execute and release. If you need access to content creators, printers, website designers, or anyone else, I'm happy to connect you with the best in the industry to make sure that your plan is complete.


What's your story Lizzy?

You can read about it here. In short, I launched my own business (Bunch Magazine) 5+ years ago and focused on telling the stories of creative entrepreneurs. Along the way I learned a lot about how to successfully launch and sustain a business, in particular the unique challenges that we face as creative people. I've been helping brands and individuals alike with the massive knowledge and even bigger network that I've acquired.

Can you help me?

Usually the answer is yes. I work with clients of all sizes, at all stages on a wide variety of projects. Sometimes my clients are so overwhelmed they hardly know how to describe the problem and those tend to be my successful transformations. In the rare case that I cannot help you, I can usually direct you to a person in my network who can. The best way to discover whether or not we're a fit is to hop on a discovery call.

Long term consulting isn't really my thing right. But I still need help!

I get it. Learn more about the Quick Consult here.

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