Brand Clarity Report

Brand Clarity Report


If you build it, they will come.

Or at least that's what I've been told and we all know that building a product just isn't enough.

But what happens when growth was explosive and has now died down. Or if you've been working hard and seeing no growth or sloooowwww growth. Are you in need of a North Star to help you get back on track to success? 

Book a Brand Clarity Session which includes

  • Review and critique of your website and social media outlets
  • Goal setting
  • Roadmap that includes a minimum of 3 custom actions to boost your brand and stimulate organic, viral growth

The process includes:

  • A brief questionnaire to begin work;
  • I will deliver a Brand Clarity report back to you within 5 business days;
  • A follow up call via phone or Skype to discuss and answer any questions you may have (up to 30 minutes)

Why hire me:

When I launched Bunch Magazine, I had been working on it diligently for 10 months, pouring my heart and soul into the business. I knew that I had created a top tier product that would sell out instantly. So you can imagine my shock and surprise when I launched to...crickets. The magazine was barely selling beyond my friends and family. And it remained this way for nearly 2 additional years. I couldn't afford to hire an outside consultant to help me re-brand, instead, I had to figure it out on my own. The result, a comprehensive system that I developed which helped me turn my brand around. The company would go on to sell out its next issue, gain the attention of a national distributor and receive a $20,000 grant from Urban Outfitters and Squarespace. My ability to assess a company's strengths and weaknesses and make recommendations so that they can see immediate growth is something I'm proud to deliver.

I will only be taking a handful of clients for a limited time only. Purchase your Brand Clarity Report today.


Receive the Creative Startup Toolkit when you book a Brand Clarity Report. Learn more about the Creative Startup Toolkit here!

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"I reached out to Lizzy because I have a start-up lifestyle brand SWAJE and needed help with creating opportunity and partnerships for my company. Lizzy went above and beyond to help me build a business document that gave me action steps, templates and resources to move forward with, and the return on those tools has been successful thus far and building. Most importantly she really listened to what it was that I needed, she delivered and made me feel like we were a team getting this done. She's not only a business consultant, but she is rooting for you to succeed, what a great person to have in your corner!"

-Imani Quinn, Founder and Designer at Swaje

“In all honesty, words cannot convey the pivotal role your guidance and direction has played in launching my startup. From mere ideation of strategy to execution, Liz is extremely efficient at listening to jumbled ideas, making sense of what I think is nonsense, identifying the core objectives, and providing constructive feedback on the most effective course of action. I have been amazed at her comprehensive knowledge of digital media and how to leverage it for brand building. She is also a wealth of knowledge for free and low-cost resources that have helped my company save and make money. She is the real deal in every sense of the word.”

— Anthony.Emeka, Founder at The Baldwin Gentlemen

“Meeting with Lizzy was the equivalent to business therapy. I got to work through my roadblocks by recognizing the things that were subconsciously blocking me and break them down into actionable steps. After this, she helped me set deadlines for myself and gain clarity on my business’s true purpose and who I was trying to serve. Through her expertise and knowledge in various creative industries, she was able to provide insight and wisdom to areas I hadn’t even considered and was able to propel, be productive, and get my business launched.”

— Asia David, CCO of Die Free Studios