I’m a Nigerian girl born and raised in Los Angeles. I have a dual B.A. from UC Berkeley (GO BEARS!) and got my masters degree at The New School University. Before you ask, it’s the one where they film Project Runway

I started Bunch Magazine back in 2011 while living in New York and you can read about my journey here. The Cliff’s Notes version is that I was bootstrapping Bunch for 2 years and it wasn’t doing well. So I did what any rational person would do when their side hustle isn’t making any money: I left my cushy job in NYC, moved back to my hometown of LA, ran through my savings (YAY!) all in hopes of making my dreams come true. Whaddayaknow? It worked.  I recently exited the company to jump back into the startup world. I'll be documenting my journey in my journal.

I also like to talk a lot so people invite me to speak at their events. I tend to have a lot to say about building a brand, launching on a shoestring budget, connecting with the press, chasing after your dreams and I’m hoping someone will soon ask me to engage in a debate about the importance of southern rap in the years 1999-2002.

I live in LA (longing for New York) with my main squeezes Kevin and Peter the Pup

What the press is saying...